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After law studies (Leyden, the Netherlands, 1980) Marleen Watté-Bollen worked for some years in Africa as a legal assistant for:

  • the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (« UNHCR »), where she fought for the rights of refugees and afterwards for:
  • the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (« UNIDO »), where she was responsible for the establishment and negotiation of the standard contracts of technology transfer.

She established herself in Luxembourg in 1989, where she was appointed, after some years, as legal director of ABN AMRO Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. and MeesPierson (Luxembourg) S.A.

After a complementary specialisation in “Luxembourg Law” at the Luxembourg University Center in Luxembourg (1997), she was admitted to the Luxembourg Bar Association of the City of Luxembourg in 1997. Since 2000 she has the title of « avocat à la cour ». During that same period, she finished complementary education in Luxembourg fiscal and accounting law.

Until 1 May 2006 she worked at the law firm Lutgen & McGaw (a successor of the law firm Assa, Lutgen, & Schaack), where she was in charge of affairs relating to banking and financial law, corporate law, law relating to the undertakings of collective investments (« UCITs »)and other investment funds, civil and commercial law as well as labour law.

On May 1st, 2006 she created her own law firm.

Marleen Watté-Bollen is a member of the Board of Directors of Citadel Value Fund SICAV, a listed company and of the association Avocats sans Frontières – Belgium.

In the past, Marleen Watté-Bollen was :

  • A teacher (banking and financial law) at the Luxembourg Banking academy (“IFBL” – Institut de Formation Bancaire Luxembourg),
  • A member of the Board of Directors of Oudheusden Crystal Fund SICAV, a listed company,
  • A member of the legal committee of the ABBL (Luxembourg Banks and Bankers Association),
  • A member of the legal committee of the BCL (Central Bank of Luxembourg) and
  • A representative of ABN AMRO Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. and of MeesPierson (Luxembourg) S.A. at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

Marleen Watté-Bollen speaks fluently Dutch, French, English and German.